Reservoir break-in prompts water use advisory in Livingston
October 21, 2008

Some Livingston residents are being advised to not drink or use the water after two men and a teen reportedly broke into a municipal reservoir on the city's north side.

There is no information to indicate the water was contaminated, but until test results are received, residents are still being advised not to drink or use the water, according to a press release from the Livingston Police Department.

The advisory affects about 20 homes in the Highground neighborhood on the north side hill, according to Livinston's public works department.

In addition to allegedly breaking into the reservoir, the three were also reportedly involved in the Oct. 21 theft of a Humvee from the Army National Guard armory in Livingston. The vehicle was recovered Saturday in a remote location west of Livingston

They are also accused of a handful of break-ins at other places in the area including the Verizon and Alltel cell phone buildings and two other public radio transmission buildings, according to police.

So far, Lucas C. Lee, 19, and Steve A. Williams, 20, are in custody and are being charged with the theft. A 17-year-old juvenile has also been identified as being involved and charges are pending.

The individuals are all Livingston residents.
Williams has been charged with the break-ins. Further investigation is being conducted and charges are pending against Lee and the juvenile, according to police.

The communications systems were not disrupted or tampered with and no communications equipment was reported missing, according to police.

Meanwhile, as tests are being conducted on the water supply to determine if the water has been contaminated, residents in the area are being advised not to drink or use the water.

Preliminary tests conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency indicate no presence of contaminants. Police expect the final results to be received late Monday.

It appeared the suspects accessed the water reservoir out of curiosity rather than with the intent to contaminate the water, according to police.

The public works department announced Monday that it was OK for residents in the area to flush toilets, but they were advised against using water for other purposes.

Divers will clean and flush the reservoir Tuesday, and after final test results are received, the public works department expects people will again have full use of the water.

Anyone with questions regarding expenses is asked to bring them to the utility office at 330 Bennett in Livingston.

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