About MT WARN 

MT WARN (Montana Water /Wastewater Agency Response Network) provides Montana's Water and Wastewater Utilities a forum for establishing and maintaining emergency contacts and resources.

The Mission of MT WARN

MT WARN is to provide a method whereby water/wastewater utilities that have sustained or anticipate damages from natural or human-caused incidents can provide and receive emergency aid and assistance in the form of personnel, equipment, materials, and other associated services as necessary from other water/wastewater utilities.

This network is to assist in facilitating rapid, short-term deployment of emergency services to restore the critical operations of the affected water/wastewater utility. The backbone of the WARN concept is the Mutual Aid and Assistance Agreement. It is in the Mutual Aid and Assistance Agreement where provisions for network activation, reimbursement, liability and other issues are mutually agreed upon by participating utilities.

Benefits of a Statewide WARN Program

  • Creates one uniform statewide mutual aid program for all Water and Wastewater utilities.
  • Facilitates coordinated regional emergency responses.
  • Effectively utilizes resources (manpower and equipment).
  • Provides access to statewide and regional experts from a variety of local organizations.
  • Expedites responses because mutual aid agreements are signed in advance of a disaster.
  • Facilitates federal reimbursements if disaster funds become available (mutual aid agreements are required to receive federal funds).
  • Reassures your public through the continuity of vital service during emergencies.


The MT WARN Mutual Aid and Assistance Agreement is available to all public and private water and wastewater utilities in Montana. Participation is voluntary; there is no obligation to respond, and there is no direct cost to become a member of the network. Signing the mutual aid agreement does not obligate your organization to provide emergency assistance to any organization during any emergency. Each request for assistance is separate and independent from all others.


All actions, recommendations, and etc. are made in accordance with the articles of the Mutual Aid and Assistance Agreement of the Intrastate Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network for the State Of Montana (MT WARN) which is signed by participating utilities.

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National Rural Water Association, Water Environment Federation, American Water Works Association, Midwest Assistance Program, Montana Water Environment Association, Montana Rural Water System, Montana AWWA, Montana Water & Wastewater Critical Infrastructure Committee Environmental Protection Agency, Disaster and Emergency Services, Montana Department of Environmental Quality
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